A day long been it has…

I was expecting to leave the area around our Nation’s Capital before noon today.

The vulnerability scanning tool that we are mandated to use (Retina) failed to properly complete a scan of our customer’s network yesterday.

I spent this afternoon trying to figure out what was wrong with it.

Eventually, utilizing other tools at my disposal I was able to rule out connection issues and fix Retina itself.

I don’t know what went wrong with the initial scan. I do know that removing all of the xml files in the directory where Retina stores its job information fixed it. The new scan of their network took 3 hours to complete. In the interim I helped our customer set up their own vulnerability scanner so that they can scan their own network in the future.

Yay me. The customer is happy. I’m exhausted. All is ok with the world.

Tomorrow is bowling day at work. I must remember to wear my T-shirt. :-)

No time for photos. :-(