Lil’ bit: Threading problem on Solaris with GCC

2008/05/23 23:31:00

After much confusion and heartache, some google searching indicates to me that there is a problem on Solaris using threads with gcc. When applications compiled with gcc attempt to throw exceptions from within threads sometimes they do not get caught, and hence the application terminates with the message:

terminate called recursively


The current workaround for my project was to forgo threads, but one of the developers came up with the idea to link in the Solaris libc++ to avoid this problem.

Lil’ bit: Clearing the screen during a GDB session

2008/05/07 22:26:00

How to clear the screen during a gdb session:

shell clear



Clean Up

2008/05/04 21:27:00

Lately I’ve been considering making this site more professional. No, this does not mean that I will be removing the photos. Anyone who has a problem with the fact that a geek like me watches Anime and goes to SciFi conventions is probably someone I don’t want to work for.

Also, the updates have been slowing down as my life has gotten more stable. This doesn’t lend itself to much blogging, and, for the most part, is the reason why there have not been as many posts lately.

Changes are coming. Some of you who read this site because of my personal life may not be happy, but I think I can offer the community more that “I broke up with my ex today” kind of posts.